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License plate grant applications are due January 15th, 2018!
Thank you for helping Colorado pets with your donation to the Pet Overpopulation Fund tax checkoff!
Purchase an Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate today from your local DMV.
Tax checkoff grant applications are due May 31st, 2017.

dog-cat_smThe Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund (CPOF) was created by the State legislature in 2001 to curb pet overpopulation. 

Thanks to Colorado's concerned and generous citizens, CPOF has significantly reduced pet overpopulation and helped shelter animals in underserved areas of our state. 

With funding from CPOF, local animal care and control organizations and veterinarians are working together to reduce unwanted litters through sterilization surgeries and to provide shelter animals with medical care and microchip identification.   

There are two ways you can contribute to CPOF and help Colorado's pets:

Donate on your Colorado Tax Form
More than $2.56 million have been donated since 2001 by Colorado taxpayers like you to subsidize the spay/neuter surgeries of 57,000 cats and dogs owned by income-qualified Colorado citizens!

Purchase an Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet License Plate
Since 2011 Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet License Plate sales have generated more than $1.2 million to spay/neuter and provide medical treatment and microchip identification for shelter animals! Across Colorado, there are over 15,000 Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet License Plates on the road.